About Us


Eric Robnett, owner, and general manager of Home Energy Experts in Nevada and a Contractor certified by: Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET;) Calcerts HERS Rater home energy rating systems; Building Performance Institute (BPI); National Comfort Institute (NCI); Performance Based Contractor (PBC) and is an Energy Star Partner. The service of Home Energy Experts is to provide homeowners with a full range of energy-related home improvements, including insulation, furnace and air conditioner calibration and airflow delivery physics. In addition, identifying and repairing the root causes of energy waste that will help you lower your monthly utility bills while increasing the comfort, health, safety, and long-term value of your home. The belief of Home Energy Experts is that most homes are using more energy than they should and compromising the homeowners comfort. It is our belief that thru testing and inspecting our clients homes, that we can decrease the air infiltration, increase the insulation values, improve the air duct delivery systems, and finally properly size and calibrate heating and cooling equipment. Thru these prioritized steps, it is Home Energy Experts goal to earn your complete trust with our Energy Savings “Risk Free” Guarantee. When it comes to improving your energy savings, comfort, and indoor air quality we want to be THE company for you, your relatives, friends and neighbors.