Total Comfort Guarantee

Home Energy Experts has invested in the most advanced, state-of-the-art, Special energy testing specific electronic instruments. The ability to use these instruments correctly requires the right combination of classroom and field training in order to pass home energy certification criteria exams and proficiency tests. This training amounts to hundreds of hours dedicated to determining your home’s energy use and waste.

Home Energy Experts Total Comfort Guarantee is determined by testing both your home, and your heating and cooling systems to determine which areas of your home are not performing well to keep you comfortable. By comparing our initial test results to proper design specs for each room of your home, along with your comfort input, we are able to repair the problem areas that are not comfortable. By evaluating not just the furnaces or air conditioners, and looking at the big picture, “your home” We can determine where air may be leaking in and out, insulation that is missing or underperforming, or even air ducting that is not properly delivering the right amount of heating or cooling to these problem rooms or areas.

Providing you with our “Total Comfort Guarantee” is the end result of implementing proper diagnostics, with proper design, correct repairs, followed by post testing to verify improved performance.