How to Save Energy

Nevada Home Energy Knowledge

Your Road to Saving Energy

One of our specially-trained Energy Tight Home Savings Advisor will visit your home and – using advanced diagnostic instruments and unique analysis procedures – will identify..

Prioritizing your upgrades

Before you start focusing on upgrades that save energy and make your home more comfortable, you will want to set your goals and establish some priorities.

Where Your Energy Dollars Go

According to the US Department of Energy, half of the energy you use in your home use goes to your home comfort system.It’s important to understand that a furnace..

Energy Savings and Home Resale Value

A study performed by ICF Consulting on behalf of the EPA and published in the Appraisal Journal confirms their research indicates that the value of a home increases between $11.00 and $21.00 for every..

8 Imperfect Conditions in the Home

Imperfect conditions exist because homes often are built or remodeled without the following considerations. Heating and cooling equipment correctly sized for the homes cooling load in the summer and heat load..

Your bill of rights & benefits

You deserve the right to experience year-round comfort, health and safety at the lowest possible energy costs from your comfort system. Home Energy Experts guarantees your rights!

Better Indoor Comfort and Lower Energy Costs

Our technicians will expertly seal cracks and retrofit materials to keep the energy you pay for inside – and keep the weather outside – your home.After we have thoroughly..

Ductwork Performance Testing

If your ductwork is made up of gray or black flexible spongy tubes, it is highly likely that you’re experiencing leaky ductwork and insufficient airflow.Ductwork leakage can draw combustion gases..

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Using special camera technology, we take outdoor and indoor non-invasive pictures of your home or business.The outside images show us where indoor air that you have paid to heat or cool is escaping wastefully into the atmosphere..

Your Guide to saving Energy

It’s important to understand that a furnace and air conditioner is much more than a box that attempts to make you comfortable in your home while devouring your hard earned money.

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