8 imperfect conditions in the home

  • oneHeating and cooling equipment that is either too small or too big to operate efficiently and provide comfort.
  • twoDuctwork joints and connections that are not properly sealed and leak air.
  • threeDuctwork that’s undersized or kinked causing restrictions and reducing air flow required for today’s high efficiency equipment.
  • fourAir filters that restrict air flow, are not properly sized, or are difficult to change.
  • fiveGrills and registers that restrict air flow, and are noisy.
  • sixHeat gain or loss in ductwork that is not insulated properly.
  • sevenImproper startup procedures for today’s modern high efficiency heating equipment.
  • eightImproper startup procedures for today’s modern high efficiency cooling equipment.

Why imperfect conditions?
» Imperfect conditions exist because homes often are built or remodeled without the following considerations.
» Heating and cooling equipment correctly sized for the homes cooling load in the summer and heat load in the winter.
» Air duct systems that are not designed to handle the required airflow for the size of heating and cooling equipment, or designed to deliver the right amount of heat or cooling to each room.
» Insulation that is not correctly installed.
» Areas of the home that are not sealed allowing air to enter and exit the home to the outside.
» Heating and cooling equipment that has not been calibrated after it was or installed or has not received the correct maintenance.

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