Your Road to Saving Energy

One of our specially-trained EnergyTight Home Savings Advisor will visit your home and – using advanced diagnostic instruments and unique analysis procedures – will identify hidden imperfect conditions that affect your home energy costs.

Your Energy Saving Advisor will provide you with a personalized priority and upgrade plan to reduce your energy costs, permanently. His work is not finished until a post analysis to authenticate we have reached or exceeded your energy saving goals.

Why is Home Energy Experts the right company for you? We’re the only company in Northern Nevada that’s has a Nevada State General Contractor License, we have HERS Rater, BPI, National Comfort Institute and Performance Base Contractor certificate’s. We’ve invested hundreds of hours class room and field training to gain that’s needed to gain these certificates. And because we stand behind our work and will not stop working until you receive the energy savings we promised you.

Your “Risk Free” Guarantee
Home Energy Experts guarantees that we can show you at least 3 ways to improve your comfort and save you 25% or more on your energy bills and 5 ways to save 50% or more on your energy bills. If you are not 100% satisfied with our recommend upgrade results, please don’t pay. There will be no hassles … no hard feelings … and no questions asked.

1. Initial Visit


Your Analysis starts with an initial interview with an Energy Saving Advisor. He’ll ask you about your concerns with your home and go over your last 12 months of utility bills. We encourage all the adults in your home to participate in this initial visit.

2. Equipment Analysis


Our Energy Saving Advisor begins the analysis with your heating and cooling equipment. He will visually inspect your equipment for any signs of deterioration, improper installation, or insufficient maintenance. He’ll use the Combustion Analyzer to verify it’s safe and efficient? He’ll evaluate your system’s air cleaner to determine if upgrades are needed to do a better job cleaning your indoor air.

3. Duct System Analysis


Every time you visit your doctor he/she automatically test your condition with blood pressure instrument. Like your doctor, your Energy Saving Advisor will analyze the condition of your ductwork with a DuctBlaster®, fog generating machine and magnehelic. If the help of these instruments, he can find hidden imperfect conditions in your ductwork, then offer you reasonable upgrades for saving energy.

4. Electronic Air Flow Hood Analysis


Is your heating system and cooling system delivering it design air flow to each room of your home? Or do you have rooms that are hard to heat or cool? Your Energy Saving Advisor will use an air flow hood instrument to measure precisely how much conditioned air is getting to each room (provided the supply vents are accessible). If airflow is inadequate, he’ll advise you that there is energy saving upgrades that will address these problems

5. Temperature Analysis


Your Energy Saving Advisor will use an electronic air thermometer to verify the temperature of the condition air venting out of your registers. If the condition air doesn’t meet industry standards he will determined the problem and appropriate upgrades will be prescribed.

6. Blower Door Analysis


The blower door is a precision instrument that allows Home Energy Experts test the infiltration of air into your home. Basically the blower door sucks the air out of the house and sees where outside air is rushing in to replace it. Most homes have allot of leaks in the structure allowing outside dirty, un tempered air to enter the home, while some homes are too tight not allowing the home breathe at all causing moisture problems in walls, attics and crawl spaces.

7. Infrared Thermography

Home Energy Experts FLIR, thermal imaging camera is at the top of the instruments when it comes to pin pointing energy waste. By scanning (it’s like an MRI on your home) the interior of your home we able to flaws see, Home Energy Experts, duct system, windows and doors. With these images, Home – Energy Experts can suggest the most cost-effective points for home upgrades.

8. Analyzing the Insulation Value in Your Crawlspace

A home’s un-insulated – or poorly insulated crawlspace can account for up to half of its total heat loss in an otherwise sealed, well-insulated home. That is why it’s important to have your home’s less-used, often unconsidered, areas carefully assessed to determine their exact impact on your family’s indoor comfort and home energy expenses. Chances are you will be greatly surprised by how much energy and money your crawlspace is costing you each month.

9. Analyzing the Insulation Value in Your Attic

With the help of a Blower Door and Infrared Thermography camera he can pinpoint areas of weakness in your home insulation. We will check your insulation level to help you determine the effectiveness of your insulation and whether more insulation will provide a payback for you. The amount on insulation in your attic affects how hard your heating and cooling system needs to work to heat and cool your home properly. EPA estimates that homeowners can typically save up to 20% of heating and cooling costs (or up to 10% of total energy costs) by adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces.

10. Personalized Priority And Upgrade Plan

Once the inspection and analysis are complete, your Energy Saving Advisor will provide you with an easy to read report, and offer you a prioritized plan of recommended upgrades that fits your budget and is provide you with the best return on your investment.