Your bill of rights and benefits

You deserve the right to experience year-round comfort, health and safety at the lowest possible energy costs from your comfort system. Home Energy Experts guarantees your rights!

  • oneThe industries manual J or equivalent will be used to properly size your heating and cooling equipment to meet room-by-room condition air demands.

    Homeowner Benefits: You won’t find the “Big is Better” or “Rule of Thumb” or “Guess and By-Golly” methods to determine heating and cooling size in our toolbag! You deserve to receive a copy of the documents that clearly shows how properly sized equipment for your home was determined.

  • twoYour equipment will be installed so that the static air pressure drop across the equipment will not exceed the manufacturer’s design of .05 as seen on the engineering data plate located inside the equipment.

    Homeowner Benefits: It’s not uncommon for ductwork with high static pressure to turn high efficiency heating and cooling equipment into the efficiency of a 30 year old piece of equipment.

  • three All ductwork joints and connections will be secured with screws and sealed with approved mastic.

    Homeowner Benefits: If the ductwork is losing conditioned air, your heating and cooling equipment will have to work even harder to meet room-by-room condition air demands.

  • four The registers and grills installed in your home will be designed to move maximum airflow from the equipment.

    Homeowner Benefits:You can have world class designed, installed and insulated ductwork, but if your equipment can’t move its required airflow because of air restrictions caused by inefficient registers and grills… you are wasting energy!

  • five Ductwork located in unconditioned spaces such as attics, crawl spaces, garages, or unfinished basements will be insulated.

    Homeowner Benefits: Ductwork insulation is important because it ensures that the air traveling through the ductwork will stay at the desired temperature, and that the air won’t be absorbed from solar gain and thermal loss within those spaces.

  • six Your cooling equipment will be properly charged with electronic instruments.

    Homeowner Benefits: An overcharged air conditioner causes premature compressor failure. Too little refrigerant creates wasted energy and discomfort.

  • seven Your heating equipment will be adjusted properly with a very sensitive instrument to deliver maximum conditioned airflow throughout your home.

    Homeowner Benefits: Having the heating equipment produce too much or too little fan speed creates wasted energy.

  • eight Your heating equipment will be calibrated with an electronic combustion analyzer and a temperature instrument to deliver the manufacturers designed efficiency.

    Homeowner Benefits: NOT using a combustion analyzer to properly calibrate flue gases such as water vapor, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and airflow delivery temperature of your heating equipment is wasting energy.

  • nineYour ductwork will have balancing airflow dampers installed at each register.

    Homeowner Benefits: Balancing dampers is all about room-by-room comfort and the eliminatation of wasted energy.

  • ten You will be provided with easy to read documented post-test results of your heating and cooling system’s true running efficiency. This is created by properly sized equipment, correct installation and startup procedures, and the appropriate design and installation of your ductwork.

    Homeowner Benefits: If We Don’t Test. You Don’t Know!®