Shannon Leonesio

I’ve been meaning to tell you the difference you and your company have made in our lives. Before you installed the “remote thermostat” in our home, it was a constant job of mine to monitor and manage the temperature in our two-story from the downstairs thermostat. It was nearly impossible and it lasted year-round with heat and air-conditioning (once you installed our A/C). I’m so grateful that your solution was exactly what we needed. What a relief it is knowing that it’s automatically taken care. I sleep better than ever and am baffled at how much time I spent doing what your device now does. You’ve literally changed my life!! Thank you so much!

Ralph and Carol

We have had a maintenance contract for our furnace/air conditioning system with Nevada Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing, Inc. since 2007 and have been happy with their service. Recently one of our A/C systems was making loud noises and the fan was not working, causing extreme (abnormal?) heat around the unit. I called and spoke to a representative the following morning. That day a technician showed up (Adam) and diagnosed the issue, requiring a new unit and larger duct. I was given an estimate, gave the go ahead and the NEXT morning, 9 AM, a two man crew arrived, one began unloading all the equipment (Collin)and other (Allen), did a quick survey of the project. I was pleasantly surprised to observe the completion of this huge task in one day (they drove out of the driveway around 5:15, job completed). I spent the entire day with them, mostly to learn a little about these newer systems and to “assist” in any way I could, retrieving screw drivers, picking up screws, moving trash and at one point offering my roller seat to make Allen a little more comfortable in the “below the waist” work.

Dave Sanger

I am happy to provide a written compliment to this crew and company, Home Energy Experts, for 1) a timely response to our problem, inspected and diagnosed the problem that day (Monday), 2) a complete solution (uninstall and install) in one day (Tuesday), and 3) the extraordinary demeanor (courtesy and respect) of the employees exhibited to me, the client/homeowner. I appreciate the attention to the details and the patience required to adjust to installation problems that occurred (wrong size duct ordered, called in and picked up by Collin within an hour), additional sheet metal required to adapt to a larger AC unit inside the garage (retrieved on a second trip by Collin, while Allen persevered with disconnecting the unit to be replaced) and Adam was called late in the day to deliver yet, more materials. As Adam joined the group, he assisted in finishing up project. I was very impressed with the crew and the job they did. Thank you.

Barbara Salerno

Nick is a very professional and patient tech. He explained everything he was doing to my furnace. I am sold on this company and will be a customer forever.

Brad Henrickson

Its absolutely amazing to me that after getting four estimates to replace my furnace and air conditioner in our 1998 home here in Reno, that these guys Home Energy Experts recommend that we keep our existing 80% furnace and 10 seer efficiency air conditioner. I wanted to improve the comfort of my home and my thinking was that a new higher efficiency furnace and air conditioner, slightly bigger than the one I had would do the trick so I started shopping around. The folks at Home Energy Experts were quite a bit different in their approach. First of all they did not bombard me with a bunch of high pressure sales garbage about what brand of furnaces they sold or how high the efficiency of them where. Instead they asked me what was important to me, and what I wanted to accomplish. They actually listened and took notes! Their technician, (not a salesman!) inspected my crawl space, my attic space, and then performed a air flow test on my existing duct work. It became very clear to me why I was uncomfortable and it was not because of the furnace or air conditioner, it was problems with my ducts. These guys installed new ducts and cleaned and tuned my existing furnace and air conditioner, and I am a very happy and comfortable guy in my home. Thanks!


Manny and Randy were such meticulous young men. They were so personable and helpful. They even explained questions I had about my water heater. I have requested them for now on for all of my work.

Larry & Marianne Hicks

These guys are terrific. They worked with us to match our needs in our older home. Their prices were more than reasonable and the best part was their total professionalism and reliability. Their men were clean, professional, timely, knowledgeable and a pleasure to have working in our home.Our new insulation, heating and air conditioning are working perfectly and we’re confident that our energy costs will be dropping too. We highly recommend these fine Nevada people.Larry and Marianne Hicks, Reno, NV


What a wealth of knowledge. These guys really know how to deliver a quality product from start to finish. My home has never been so comfortable and efficient in the 23 years I’ve lived here. My low operating costs are just the icing on the cake for the comfort and air quality I’m experiencing. From insulation to sizing my heating equipment right, and believe it or not staged in a way I could afford it. Thanks a lot Home Energy Experts and your knowledgeable and personable crew.

Ted Chrissinger

I have had Home Energy Experts and Nevada Heating and Air Conditioning perform multiple projects at my home. The employees are always professional and courteous, and the leave the project cleaner than it was before they arrived.

In 2006, they replaced all of the ductwork in my home. Now, 8 years later, my gas bills are still less than what I used to pay (over $100 / month savings in the winter), even though gas prices have increased.

Eric Robnett is incredibly knowledgeable about his trade. He is honest, and will tell you the truth on whether or not you need new equipment

The Albrights

Home Energy Experts recently replace our heating and a/c unit. Their “can do attitude” was a breath of fresh air. They were courteous, and very clean in their work. Great job and it runs very well.Thank you Home Energy Experts for a job well done.

Barbra Snitselaar

Called in this morning after Chris had left her home, she spoke with me for 5 minutes about how happy she was with Chris when he was out today, said he was thorough and asked her a lot of helpful questions, answered her questions and explained things very well to her. She said she was also so grateful for his sympathy about her mother passing and was very surprised when he told her to be careful to not hit her head on the cupboard door when she stood up, she said she had never had a company do work for her that showed as much compassion for a customer as ours. Herlast words before hanging up were “I am over the moon impressed and thankful for such a great technician taking care of me and my home. Keep up the
good work.”