Home Energy Experts is a company that has actually evolved over 40 plus years in the northern Nevada area. Starting as a heating and air conditioning company (Nevada Heating & Air), it evolved into a home performance company thru learning how to properly perform maintenance, safety, and balancing procedures on Heating and Cooling equipment, followed by testing and improving the performance of air duct systems. It wasnt long after that the real vision of Home Energy Experts was discovered by its founder, Eric Robnett, that the company would become the areas first Home Performance Contractor.
It is the Belief of Eric Robnett the companies leader and visionairy that a homes efficiency and comfort starts with the homes envelope itself. Home Energy Experts team of employees all share in the companies belief and vision that homeowners that seek improved comfort and lower operating cost should have their homes tested and inspected for air leakage, and correctly installed insulation. Home Energy Experts has perfected a home performance efficiency test called the “Energy Tight Analysis.” Starting with the homes air leakage, moving on to the homes insulation, then thru the integrity of the air duct system landing lastly at the homes furnace and air conditioning systems.

Looking To Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling System?

It’s important to understand a heating and cooling system is much more than a noise-making, expensive box that attempts to make you comfortable while sucking up your hard-earned money. While manufacturers have made unbelievable strides in creating more efficient equipment, they have failed to educate the installing contractors that the equipment is only as efficient as their knowledge to be able to properly balance it, or even as efficient as the home its beign installed into will let it be.

There’s an old saying in our industry, “If you want to make your home more comfortable and more efficient, don’ start with the furnace or the air conditioner, start with the home!”

The Old Schooled Contractors

They’re known in our industry as “Box Swappers,” and it’s because they install a heating and cooling system by simply “box swapping the old system”. But, just like a car, a heating and cooling system can provide you with warm and cool air without providing the best “mile per gallon,” so to speak.

It’s not uncommon for them to tell you when you invest in a high efficiency furnace or air conditioner that it will pay for itself from the energy savings you’ll receive from your utility bills. But It Rarely Happens!

Equipment efficiency tests and sophisticated energy audits found that few homeowners save up to only 12% on their monthly heating and cooling bills. But most homeowners see a small fraction of that number, and many homeowners actually see their bills going up do equipment oversizing, incapable duct systems, or the homes air leakage and insulation problems.
Consumer Protection Division states: “Most homeowners are simply not getting the efficiency from high efficiency equipment.”

A recent study clearly shows that homeowners in the Nevada Reno/Sparks area are receiving just 43% of the heating and cooling rated BTU’s and still have uncomfortable rooms because “Box Swappers” fail to invest in specialized tools and stay on top of the industry by advancing their knowledge of Home performance and how it directly relates to its Heating and cooling systems.

Meet The New Generation Contractors

Of the 85,000 Heating And Air conditioning contractors across the USA, Home Energy Experts represents less than 5% who have invested in the most advanced state-of-the-art, electronic instruments, and spent hundreds of hours in both classroom and field training to gain the necessary knowledge and certifications (see sidebar) to understand the science of BTU delivery, and how it interacts with a home.

Home Energy Experts knows that your comfort and efficiency is not going to improve by simply installing a higher efficiency furnace or air conditioner. Your comfort and efficiency will come from first making your home more energy efficient, then optimizing the heating and cooling system.

With our advanced training and instruments, we’re able to install a heating and cooling system to the manufactures’ strict guidelines. It’s not uncommon for us to deliver 90 to 100% of the rated BTU’s — a significant improvement when other companies are delivering just 43%.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you’re experiencing Rooms that are too hot or too cold, our Home EnergyTight Analysis can identify unseen imperfections that are causing problem areas in your home. We then provide you with written solutions so you can make a truly informed decision on any actions you might want us to take.

The promise of Home Energy Experts is to earn your 100% Complete Satisfaction on every visit. We want to be the Heating, Cooling, and Home Performance company for you, your neighbors, and your friends.

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